How do I add a door to a Domestar geodesic dome?

A common question is how do you add a door to a geodesic dome?

I have no experience of adding doors but I can share the results of my research

To add a door to a dome, you need to remove either a pentagon or a hexagon from the base. In these 2 examples I’ve removed the pentagon because I think it should have a slightly smaller impact on the structural forces

Example 1: the door is not vertical

Example 2: the door is vertical.

In these cases, horizontal uprights are required

Here are a few examples I found on the internet (without the Domestar connectors)

Example 3: by simply removing 2 triangles.

You can then easily create a door with 2×2 hinges

Example of a vertical door inserted into a Hexagon:

Example of a door in a pentagon:

Example of a door inserted into a triangle at the bottom of a hexagon in an elevated geodesic dome: